COVID-19 abstract competition - Crowning COVID work

With the COVID-19 pandemic still not a resolved issue around the world, we know that it is heavily impacting the world of wound care and those patients with wounds. As a result we envision to have a COVID-19 stream on exactly this issue in our March 2022 WUWHS congress. 
The aim is to share and address challenges, new skin presentations, initiatives that have made a difference as well as novel ways developed to overcome certain issues. We envision this to be a super interactive stream and hope to open some topics for in-depth discussion by participants.
This said, all COVID related abstracts will be evaluated for the WUWHS COVID-19 stream prize, which will be given to the  most creative, groundbreaking or ingenious intervention related to COVID-19 wound care processes. All COVID abstracts already received in the abstract submission system, will automatically be part of this evaluation. 
This is new, it is groundbreaking in many ways and this stream is there to help us all to be pathfinders towards the best possible outcomes despite hardships, challenges and many restrictions. Submission deadline 30 September 2021

Hiske Smart

RN, MA(Nur), Honours BSocSc(Nur), PGDip(WHTR – UK), IIWCC(Can)

WUWHS Executive Board